June exhibit: String Theory
Irene K. Miller

The opening reception will be June 1, 6-8 pm.

From June 1st to July 6th we will be showing “String Theory.” This exhibit will showcase the incredible monotypes from artist Irene K. Miller.

“For the past few years I have been making monotypes based on dream images and visual abnormalities.   The visions I see are fleeting, but they do leave an after-image in my memory that I try to capture on  paper.

I base this series of  prints on structural elements as seen through an electron microscope and visual  distortions caused by high myopia. The vehicle for my current work is the monotype, a one-of-a-kind print that I build up in layers.  The process is similar in each print. I use a combination of solvents, sand and salt to construct the background layer on the plate. Next I add string-like materials - thread, mesh, wool, rope, and found objects to add dimensionality to the image.   All my work is printed on acid-free paper and is dependent on a multitude of variables, e.g., the paper;, the pressure of the press, the thickness and viscosity of the ink and the plate itself. Each piece is an experiment. Luckily, something new almost always happens.

At present  my favorite form is the 12-inch square.  These square pieces work very much like the tiles I made when I was a potter.  Each one may be seen individually or as part a grouping. I print in my studio in Erector Square where I have uninterrupted time to work, meditate, interact with other artists and friends, and make a mess.  I am lucky, indeed!

I watched several programs on PBS elucidating The String Theory.  The images shown in the program inspired me. The String Theory explains the fundamental constituents of the universe. I don’t pretend to do this in my work. “