Artist Reception : Saturday April 5 6-8pm


Artist’s Statement:

I was born in Uruguay, a country with a strong link to European abstraction and Modernism in art. My father was a collector and art dealer, and from the earliest age I was exposed to works by modern artists as distinctive as Giorgio Morandi, Antoni Tapies, Nicolas de Stael, and the great Uruguayan painters Pedro Figari and Joaquin Torres Garcia. While each of these artists was different from the other, and I different from them, they and others helped me to form my artist's eye and influenced my direction as a painter.

My new paintings, a series entitled Synchronicities, extend directly from my recent resumption of songwriting, singing and performing with Hand, a band whose origins go back to my high school days in Switzerland.

In 1972, Hand, a progressive folk-rock band, was signed to Evasion Records and released an LP, Everybody’s Own, a compilation of songs I co-wrote with Tony Angier. This record endured over decades and came to be well regarded by many. It was reissued in a 40th anniversary, limited edition LP in 2012 by Golden Pavilion Records. In April of 2013, Hand was re-formed by two original members with new musicians and, in January of 2014, released “the other side of the world”, also on Golden Pavilion Records, in LP, CD and MP3 formats.  As Hand’s new incarnation evolved, I began a new and stimulating songwriting partnership with Hand’s singer, Mariel Yaghsizian.

Mariel’s lyrics to songs recently co-written, or as yet unfinished, taken out of their musical context, are an integral part of these new works. They exist on a parallel plane with their visual components, and they became highly evocative to me in their newly contextualized painted abstractions. The lyrics often acted as catalysts for the painted compositions. The dialogue that emerges from the juxtaposition of Mariel’s words with my images is at the center of these explorations.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines synchronicity as a “coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, the state or fact of being synchronous, or simultaneous.”

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