March exhibit
Revisit the 1970’s

David Roth

David Roth uses color as the key medium of his prints; the optical quality of his approach has its roots in the Bauhaus and Op Art movements. He uses graph paper and a mathematical sense to create works comprised of the 6 primary and secondary colors as well as black, white, and grey.  

Roth studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design and was twice awarded the Maholy-Nagy Scholarship for visual design.

We will be showing prints that demonstrate Roth’s ability to create unique and fascinating balance in each piece.

John Wesley

American Artist born in 1928.

John Wesley’s work has been characterized as Pop Art and Minimalist, though Wesley considers it to be more aligned with Surrealism.   His work has been lauded by Donald Judd and others and his exhibits include a retrospective at the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York.

Born in Los Angeles, Wesley began painting at the age of 22.

We will be exhibiting two of his delightful works from the late 1960s.

Jay Rosenblum

American  (1933-1989)

Painter and violinist, Jay Rosenblum sought to correlate his love of chamber music sonatas with blocks of color which, like individual musical notes, transform the work into a cohesive whole.

Mr. Rosenblum, grew up in NYC where he graduated from the High School of Music and Art.  He went on to Bard College and the Cranbrook Academy of Fine Arts.  He taught at the School of Visual Arts and was chosen by City Walls to design two murals in NYC.

The prints we will be exhibiting showcase his love of bright colors and the joy they convey.