Peter Rivera


September Exhibit

From September 7th to October 5th (extended date) , Peter Rivera will be showing his photographs. The reception will be September 7th from 6-8. On September 8th, from 5-6, head over to The Range to listen to a special talk by Rivera about his works. 

Opposing forces: images of time, rock, and release.

"Do not be trapped in here after dark,” says the guidebook. Perfect.

Over the past 10 years, being off the path in primordial places without wifi has been the preferred mode of subject. For whatever reason, I've been drawn to coordinates where vaster distances beckon beyond a glacier or dormant volcano, where one can almost hear the tick tock of deep geologic time. Very often these places bear a striking resemblance to Mars. For whatever reason, the remote, the humid, the freezing, or the down-right dangerous, have been more stimulating subjects of late. With this in mind these selections have been culled from visits to the streets of India, the remote lava fields of Iceland, the water and wind carved navajo sandstone of the American southwest, and the centuries-weathered monuments of Jordan, to name a few. 

I recognize I have been lucky to work towards this accumulation of attitudes, latitudes, and longitudes and explore their beauty and impermanence. Right now, water, wind, or roots are breaking them all down, evolving them, slowly, with endless resolve. A thousand years from now all of this will be different. Now, standing in a room with them assembled they can become portals we use to pretend to be everywhere at once, and blissfully nowhere at all. 

Peter Rivera, Woodbridge, CT, August 2018