Gallery No Longer Empty

As many of you who visited us in August noticed, we had a gap in shows. This, of course, sparked some interest and discussion. Newcomers even thought we were a new business! But, this was, in fact, due to August being the chosen month for family vacation.

Coming back from vacation we were all regrouped and refreshed. We repainted our walls and started installing our new exhibit. 24 beautiful photographs by Peter Rivera went up and we opened the show on Friday night. It was his first photography show and everyone had a great time.

Peter wrote about his photographic journey in pamphlets that go with the show. In them he details the location and story behind each photo. He takes us from Arizona to Upstate New York, from Iceland to India. The common consensus was that we want to go where Peter takes photos.

The show sparked conversations among visitors about past and future travel destinations. Many became intrigued by the blue waters of New Zealand and rolling green hills of Iceland. Peter described these new and unseen places as "places of solitude."

A couple, smiling at the Dead Sea, coated in mud, drew people in. Those who viewed it expressed how well it captured the feeling of peace and happiness. This photograph stands out, not only for its depiction of people, but for the curiosity it causes.

This show has something for everyone; the photographer, traveler, art lover or curious mind. For those who wish to visit, it will be up until the 29th of September.


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